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EverVoid Enhanced is an entirely optional Fabric client-side modpack made to improve visual quality and client performance in EverVoid. While it may be daunting to players unfamiliar with mods in general, it is highly recommended to install EverVoid Enhanced as its contents are lightweight and largely optimize the game performance. (could potentially add a "Performance" section that shows FPS increases, like a before-and-after thing)

Installation Guide

Everything you need to download to get from plain, vanilla Minecraft to using EverVoid Enhanced is included within the download, so you don't need to download anything else other than what's already given to you. In case anything is unclear or you need help along the way, feel free to join the Discord server here to ask for any help.

  1. Download the EverVoid Enhanced modpack here.
  2. Drag the downloaded .zip file on to your desktop and unzip it. A folder labelled EverVoid Fabric Pack 1.19.3 should come out.
  3. Inside the folder, run the Fabric installer (fabric-installer-0.11.1.exe) set the Minecraft version to 1.19.3, keep the Loader version as is, then click Install.
  4. Once Fabric has been fully installed, another folder should be inside EverVoid Fabric Pack labelled mods. Move the mods folder into your .minecraft folder which may be accessed by opening File Explorer and entering %appdata% in the file path.
    • If a mods folder already exists there, then you likely have already installed mods before and thus don't need this guide. Why are you reading this? Either way, move said pre-installed mods somewhere safe to prevent confusing them with the EverVoid Enhanced mods.
  5. EverVoid Enhanced should now be fully ready to go! Launch the game as you would, except choose Fabric in the launcher's profile list.
    • OPTIONAL: If you still encounter performance issues with EverVoid Enhanced, try putting more RAM into Minecraft. This can be done by opening the Minecraft Launcher, clicking Installations at the top, then editing the Fabric profile by clicking on it. Click on More Options, and changing the 2 in -Xmx2G in JVM Arguments with a higher number. This number represents how many gigabytes of RAM you want your computer to put into running Minecraft: do not put more than half of your RAM into Minecraft as it generally leads to bad things. 4 gigabytes will often be enough.

Minimum Requirements

  • INTEL HD Graphics 500 Series (Skylake) or newer
  • NVIDIA GeForce 400 Series (Fermi) or newer
  • AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series (GCN 1) or newer

Fabric Mod List

Mod Name Mod Version Mod Type Brief Description Date Added
3D Skin Layers 1.5.2 Gameplay Client Adds 3D skin layers to other players 1/16/2023
Advancement Plaques 1.4.8 Gameplay Client Turns advancement popups into fancy, bigger plaques 1/16/2023
Blur 2.6.1 Gameplay Client Adds a background blur when in a menu 1/16/2023
Fabric API 0.72.0 Config Client Required dependency for Not Enough Animations, LambDynamicLights,

Plasmo Voice, Smooth Swapping, Sodium Extra, and Zoomify

Fabric Language Kotlin 1.9.0 Config Client Required dependency for Zoomify 1/16/2023
Forge Config API Port 5.0.6 Config Client Required dependency 1/16/2023
Iceberg 1.1.4 Config Client Required dependency for Advancement Plaques 1/16/2023
Iris Shaders 1.5.1 Optimization Client Allows use and optimization of shaders 1/16/2023
LambDynamicLights 2.2.0 Gameplay Client Makes light sources emit light when held or dropped as items on the ground 1/16/2023
Mod Menu 5.0.2 Config Client Adds a menu to view mods and access their settings/configs in-game

Required dependency for LambDynamicLights, Smooth Swapping, and Zoomify

Not Enough Animations 1.6.2 Gameplay Client Adds more animations to players 1/16/2023
Plasmo Voice 1.2.19 Gameplay Client Adds in-game proximity voice chat for immersion

(apparently going to be replaced with Simple Voice Chat)

Presence Footsteps 1.7.1 Gameplay Client Adds more footstep sounds which differ based on what you're walking on 1/16/2023
Reese's Sodium Options 1.4.9 Optimization Client Adds more useful settings for Sodium 1/16/2023
Smooth Swapping 0.6.1 Gameplay Client Adds an animation for instantly moving items from one inventory to another 1/16/2023
Sodium Extra 0.4.16 Optimization Client Adds even more useful, more visual settings for Sodium 1/16/2023
Sodium 0.4.8 Optimization Client Optimization mod responsible for most of the performance boost

Required dependency for Sodium Extra and reese's Sodium Options

YetAnotherConfigLib 2.2.0 Config Client Yet another config library mod

Required dependency for Fabric API (I think) and Zoomify

Zoomify 2.9.2 Gameplay Client Adds an arguably smoother/better OptiFine zoom 1/16/2023